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We are Antoine and Krystophe, and a year ago we created our brand LGNC, born from our common passion for fashion.
We launched this brand with the deep conviction that fashion should not be confined to a specific era, and that, more than ever, it must be timeless.
Our almost erased logo testifies of our desire to escape time.

We are proud to present our unique vision of a wardrobe that transcends time barriers and invites you to explore a world where the past and the future meet. We love the fact that we can’t place our clothes on the time scale.
Retro-futurism is our first source of inspiration. This allows us to draw on influences from the past, to create clothing that reflects our vision of a new future. In our collections you will find nostalgic elements revisited with a touch of modernity, innovative cuts and avant-garde details.
Our wardrobe is synonymous of protection, assurance and confidence. A second skin that will allow you to face a violent and ultra-fast society, we like to talk about STREETCARE.

Also, we are a brand committed to the environment and current society. It is not only crucial for us to design sustainable clothing, but also to establish a universe in which we feel good. We are aware of the challenges our planet faces today. This is why we strive to minimize our impact on the environment through sustainable material choices and respectful production. We use 95% of quality materials from deadstock, so that our creations are clothes “of a lifetime”; that they are not thrown away and transported to the other side of the globe.

Welcome to LGNC.

Antoine & Krystophe